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Cubra Castings specialises in the die casting processes, using gunmetals, phosphor bronze, brasses and aluminium.

Brewery Display Fittings

The die casting process facilitates the production of consistent and dimensionally accurate shapes resulting in excellent surface finish. And because the need for machining is reduced, lighter weight castings can be designed. The die casting process is used for higher batch quantity products resulting in lower costs.

Water Fittings

A variety of water fittings are manufactured by Cubra Castings that include above & below ground pipes, domestic pumps such as pressurisation units for showers, various types of valves, taps and connectors to customers own specification as required.

Architectural Hardware

Architectural ironmongery will include door levers, door knobs, window fittings, door stays and all architectural associated hardware. We deal with both traditional and modern castings, as well as antique reproduction.


Decorative products include fire surrounds, various fire parts, furniture fittings that include caster cores, caster boxes and items of fancy brass.


Electrical products include brass items for overhead power lines, cable management, electrical connectors and large brass items for use within the high power end of the electrical market.


Marine items include both in shore and off shore items to include port holes, vents, cleats, also included are winches for sailing boats and marine items to customer specification in various alloys such as AB1, HTB, LG2, DCB3, PB1 and other alloys as specified. Cubra Castings also deals with traditional boat restorations.