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Cubra Castings specialises in the shell moulding & air set casting processes, using copper based alloys, including gunmetals & phosphor bronze.

Sand Casting

Sand casting is a traditional process using moist/damp sand to form a mould around a pattern shape. This traditional process offers low cost startup and is suitable for low volume production and the casting of alloys that are not possible in dies.

Lost Wax

Lost wax, also known as investment casting, is a process that allows excellent manufacturing of parts with intricate detail. we offer castings using this process up to a maximum weight of three kilos in a wide range of alloys that include copper based, nickel, silver, and alloys to meet a customer's specific requirements.

CNC Machining

CNC Machining is the most common way of machining our products to maintain a high degree of manufacturing continuity. This delivers high quality for low, medium and high volume low cost part production. This technology is increasingly facilitating the future product demands of our customers.

CNC Die Casting

This process maintains a consistent quality where the parameters of casting pre outlined with a computer numerically controlled program. This process was introduced in Cubra Castings in the mid 90's and through continued investment the process has been improved to the current high standard of CNC casting machinery used today. The range of products to be cast need to fit in a maximum die size of 600mm Maximum cast weight 8.5kg offering high volume and low unit cost.

Conventional Die Casting

This method is the traditional manual controlled process that began gravity diecasting in the last century. The process still has it's benefits today. These include low volume, low die cost, allowing smaller batch size and low unit cost.

Conventional Machining

Conventional machining allows quick and easy setups, thus allowing low volume production. Also available are turned products on our in house bar feed machines. This enables us the manufacturing flexibility to combine high and low volume products to meet customer requirements. This process is used for brass and aluminium alloys.